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Real virtue never leads to wealth. Unusual wealth is never got by productivity, it is got by lying, cheating, and stealing in a thousand forms. And that is exactly the belief system of the wealthy. Leave them millions as some here suggest? No one needs more than K annually even to send kids to college and live in a costly city, and they would not need anywhere near that if real estate and colleges had price controls. No one can do more than waste a retirement fund over a million.

Only the unfortunate should hope to inherit more than a modest home. If these were the limits imposed by law upon wealth, democracy might begin to work. But it cannot because money already controls all branches of federal government and the mass media, the very tools that would be necessary to restore democracy. But it cannot be restored without adding strong provisions to the Constitution to protect its institutions and mass media from economic and information power, an influence that should be included in the definition of treason.

Law will not be the answer until democracy is restored, and that will take military and economic isolation of the diseased United States, until its tyrant millionaires are hated by the People for their domestic exploitation. Even then the people will have to hate them for generations of induced recessions, before they will organize and arm themselves, and infiltrate the police and national guard to deny force to money power. The first signs of movement to restore democracy will likely be militant attacks on gated communities and the facilities of mass media and large businesses.

The restoration of democracy will not be done by pseudo-activists for climate regulations, gay bathrooms, and longer maternity leaves. The longer those fair weather liberals block alliance with the militants whom they classify as right wing, the longer they will wait for their luxurious reforms. Unfortunate as it may sound, historically alliance with the militants is the only path to reform, and advocacy of pseudo-reforms is the only obstacle. To hate others so profoundly actually points to a deep dark well of self-hatred that speaks of the fear each of these New Right people has of her and his inadequate ability to respond to love.

They believe they are born evil and their own preternatural evil should be hated. Thus, they direct hate at others in order to distract themselves from the hate they feel for themselves, for the lack of empathetic love that they know they should have for other human beings. No matter how much or how little material wealth these people may have, they are the truly poor in our society. One of the superficial remedies they try and procure for themselves is the action of being Born Again. Through this ritual of going back under the waters from which they came, they attempt to cleanse themselves of the filth they believe they are laden with.

The only hateful moments recorded in the Jesus story are when Jesus goes to the temple to clear out the money lenders with a whip in his hand. If these people from the New Right would chase away the monied interests that use them as pawns in the political chess game, they would truly be on the correct path toward the person in whose name they like to wash themselves of all guilt. Of course these New Right automatons [the walking dead] are to be resisted when they encroach.