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I can hardly believe the dramatic change that has come to my ministry! It all began a year ago when I learned the concept of personal prayer partnership. For years I had longed to have men of the church pray with me. I could count on two fingers the men who had taken time to support me as their pastor in prayer.

One elder stopped by my office now and then to pray with me. Another shared prayer with me after a difficult business meeting. These were meaningful experiences, but not much to show for more than 10 years of ministry. I took an informal survey of my peers and discovered that I wasn't the only pastor around who lacked prayer fellowship with local church leaders.

Although all of them expressed their need for it, few had experienced more than sporadic instances of prayer sup port. One pastor told me that he longed for elders to pray with him just before he preached. He had hinted to them of his desire that they pray for the Holy Spirit's power to anoint his speaking, but they didn't seem to understand his need. The concept of prayer support for spiritual leadership is rooted in Scripture.

In the book of Exodus we find Moses going from a desperate situation needing water for his people to a miracle solution water from the rock. Then suddenly he found himself faced with another crisis—Amalekites were attacking the camp. He commissioned Joshua to lead the men of Israel into battle while he went to the top of a hill and held up his hands to the Lord.

Aaron and Hur caught on to what was happening. They surrounded Moses and held his hands high so Joshua would prevail against the enemy. Aaron and Hur held his hands up—one on one side, one on the other—so that his hands remained steady till sunset. By now you have realized that Aaron and Hur were the first official prayer partners of a spiritual leader. Their assistance enabled Moses to continue in prayer so Joshua could win the battle.

Let me suggest some applications for us today. I see Moses representing our leadership, whether we serve as a pastor, teacher, administrator, evangelist, or local church leader. Moses, we must be in prayer to the Father. Too often in a crisis we race to solve the situation ourselves.

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But Moses didn't rush off to fight the enemy. He hastened into prayer. Now, who does the warrior Joshua symbolize?

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He alone can conquer the enemy. As long as we keep praying, Jesus will fight our battles.

If we cease praying, the battle isn't won. Now for the third symbol, the sup port of Aaron and Hur. Despite their shortcomings, Moses needed their prayer partnership. Without it the Israelites would have suffered loss. Spiritual leaders today wise need prayer support people. Such a support is a powerful aid to the servant of Christ in his work and will often make the cause of truth to triumph gloriously.